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This is Ubi Simpson, a genuine jeans fanatic who has been designing for companies such as Tommy Hilfiger and Caterpillar for many years.


He lived in Europe and New York for a long time, but now lives and works in San Francisco. Here he found a more alternative and free lifestyle.

Published in the Dutch Elle Decoration

san francisco



Because of the influx of well-paid tech professionals, San Francisco has become the city of big money. Yet, it remains the most progressive city in the US and has kept its original friendly and alternative feel.


The municipality subsidizes initiatives to gain new impetus neighborhoods. Take the Mission District for example: designers and start-ups rent a place here for a reasonable cost. It also houses an interesting array of small workshops and shops.

Phoenix hotel


Not far from downtown, you’ll find this old fifties motel which has been restored to its former glory in a very playful way. Meter long cupboards full of LP’s with beautiful covers are used as decoration between the colorful swimming pool and the jazzy restaurant bar.

601 Eddy Street


In Ubi’s small shop you can find beautiful vintage jeans items, as well as Ubi’s own label called UBI IND.


Ubi has a social personality and fits in very well with the friendly business climate and the energy of this part of the city with its alternative shops and workshops.

18th St Suite#113

Stable Cafe -for breakfast and lunch

2128 Folsom St 

Heath Ceramics

Another place we recommend visiting is Heath Ceramics. A large store and serious workplace where you can see how the tiles and all the other ceramics are made.


Heath sells a very wide range of tiles which are clearly different than what we have in Europe. Elegant and slightly different colors.


It surprised us how many shops here sell their own collections which are also manufactured in the USA.

2900 18th Street

A shop with stylish and quality products for the ‘great outdoors’. Often designed and produced by themselves. 

3376 18th Street

Barbershop Fellow Barber in the Mission district. 

696 Valencia street

Outer Sunset/Ocean Beach









Ocean Beach is located to the west of the center of town. It is a traditionally working class neighborhood that, up until a few years ago, had a lot of morning fog, which made this part of the city grey and clammy.


This is no longer the case due to climate change, so the place is becoming increasingly popular. Along with that, rent is still reasonably cheap here, and so many young entrepreneurs move here to start up their shops and restaurants.


The majority come from the surfer culture, which is very present here since there is a beach at your doorstep.

A popular restaurant is Outerlands

4001 Judah Street @ 45th Ave

(415) 661-6140

Don't forget to make a reservation

Mollusk Surfshop

4500 Irving St

Castro District

Clare’s Deli is a great place for lunch in the Castro district: the once bustling heart of the gay community.


At Clare’s Deli you can get good soup and sandwiches, served on wooden boards.

3505 17th street bij Guerrero



A shop and workshop where four friends work together but each have their own specialization


Josh Dutie (pictured) is a furniture maker and master of the up-cycling of used furniture, especially chairs.


Another cool thing they have are the homemade surfboards belonging to Danny Hess.

3725 Noriega Street

General Store


This general store has it all. Fashion, books and decor items all with a 70’s feel.


They also have tapestries of macrame, and don’t forget to visit the cactus garden behind the store.

4035 Juddahstreet


We took the bus to get around. Easy, quick and cheap. 

Workshop Residence


Is a design shop behind a workspace where during certain hours of the day you can see an artist at work.

833 22nd Street

Sutton Cellars

Carl Sutton of Sutton Cellars has been handling wine and vermouth for over twenty years. He recently moved his company to the Dogpatch neighborhood.


He has seating between wine barrels; you can try the wines with accompanying snacks.

601 22nd St

Just for You is famous for their excellent breakfast

732 22nd St



Dogpatch is an industrial neighborhood in the harbour that is going through a transition. The area around 22nd and 23rd street is undergoing a metamorphosis.


In the former harbor buildings and warehouses, new concept stores and restaurants are opening.


An example of one of these new restaurants is Smokestack, which is a BBQ restaurant.

2505 3rd Street

Hard Knox cafe  in 2448 Clement  St

The Marshall Store

On Sunday Ubi took us to the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge.


You drive through the beautiful landscape with steep winding roads. It is one of the most beautiful coastal areas, and also home of the Tomales Bay Oyster Company (Highway 1 Tomales Bay)


A great oyster spot on the bay, although it is actually just a glorified snack bar. We recommend ordering the chowder and then a mix of oysters: raw, grilled on the barbecue, with blue cheese and chorizo… add a bottle of white wine and life is good.


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