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Lamu, an authentic Swahili town on the archipelago of the same name in the Indian Ocean, just off the north coast of Kenya.

The islands look like paradise, with the azure ocean and mangrove swamps.


The town itself has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Lamu’s culture is unique, a one-of-akind mix of African and Arabian that is particularly reflected in its poetry, architecture and woodwork.

We had a few bags made, a tent, two

umbrellas and we even had an old chair upholstered.

It’s in moments like these when you start talking, negotiating, describing things and that an interaction takes place between the ideas we have and the place where we are.

We enjoy just letting things happen: guides who happen to sit on a chair while we are on our way to a shoot, donkeys passing through... In the end, those are the situations that result in the most beautiful photos.”


the making of ...

“Like almost all our trips, our journey to Lamu was the result of a chance meeting – in this case, with a Dutch woman married to a Kenyan and a spontaneous decision to get on a plane.


We left with just a suitcase full of fabrics and the idea to use them for a shoot. Once we arrived in Lamu, we were inspired by its unique atmos- phere 


Frank set to work with the fabric that he brought in his luggage and espe- cially some colourful fabrics we found in the small stores on the island. We asked a few local tailors to help us to make our ‘designs’.

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