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A small island in the Stockholm archi- pelago, which can only be reached by private boat.


We meet Carouschka at the harbour of Stockholm where she picks us up in her amazing boat.



möja island -



Carouschka Streijffert

Carouschka Streijffert is a Swedish architect and artist. She works on a wide range of 

projects, including converting and remodel-ling living spaces, public spaces and small houses, creating de- signs for exhibition stands and constructing sets for both stage and cinema.


As an artist, she has had about thirty exhibitions and has participated in a large

number of joint exhibitions.

Carouschka had a clear vision of the way she wanted to live and work on her isola-ted island. “I’m an artist; working is like breathing to me. I did not want a normal

residence on the island, I wanted a studio.


I knew exactly what it had to look like: one big, open space in which I could work and create, with as much light as possible. Almost everything is made of wood, inclu- ding the outer walls.


I did not want any dividing walls, but there are fourteen doors that all open (with the exception of a few small windows). I always open a few of the doors depending on which way the wind is blowing, so the out-side world – water, sand, wind, the sound of the trees and the birdsong – has an opportunity to come in.”

Carouschka found her island when her son was still a little boy. She was travelling in the archipelago with him, looking for a quiet, beautiful and natural spotto start her studio. “When we went ashore, I knew right

away that this island was the place I had been yearning for.


A small, desolate hut was there, which had been built in 1955. Other than that, the island was completely deserted. There was no running water, no electricity, just trees, the sea and endless light. I immediately

started enquiring whether I could buy the island and asit turned out, I could.


That was a lot easier back in those days, than it would be now.”

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