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Bogotá -


Living in the bustling neighborhood of Las Aguas in Colombia's capital of Bogotá, the couple has carved out and carefully created a nest amid the sur-rounding government buildings and offices.


Accepting the inescapability of an artist’s never-ending work cycle, they also chose to integrate a workspace into their home: Gabriel has a room inside the apartment for smaller projects like drawing and model-making, and Delcy has a larger studio on the ground floor of the building for her projects. When they need a break, the artists journey out from the facade of their unassuming dark brick building for a walk in the vibrant city center 


Delcy Morelos &

Gabriel Sierra

Gabriel created the wood screen with a carpenter friend using cloth hinges. It was originally going to be part of an art project, but he ended up using it to divide the living room area from the couple’s library. The images on the walls are a combination of old postcards and pictures found in newspapers, magazines and books. 

Artist Delcy Morelos and Gabriel Sierra have transformed their house into a gallery of their own with stacks of books, inspiration boards and sculptures co-

vering most available surfaces - but their style of arranging isintentional and shoudn't be confused with clutter.


"Everthing we own has to be useful or at least have an important symbolic mea-ning". Gabriel says.


Objects must be arranged by following the geometry of the space, which is shaped by the architecture". 



“Our apartment is a kind of sanctuary where we escape from the world,” Gabriel says. He and Delcy have lived in this apartment with their four pets, cats Bacalao and Ratón and dogs Sopa and Plato since 2001


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