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beach hut

Provincial India can be very intense:

It is always lively and busy. We were longing for peace, sand and water, which we found when we took a scooter ride to a stretch of beach with six small huts.


There are several beaches like this one in the area; it is a popular destination for barefoot tourism. It’s very different from the kind of tourism you see in places with a beach culture – this Indian beach is not for sun- bathing, it’s for getting in touch with nature.


The huts are ideally suited to that purpose: very basic, with an outdoor shower and toilet and barely any interior furnishings. You can easily make it your own.


Off the coast of the Arabian

Sea, in the Indian State of Goa.

“The fish installation that we have created here represents what we care about when we travel together.


This is what we share: the sense of free- dom, the way the installation allows you to be open to things that happen by chance, the way you reach out to the locals by going out to look for objects...


The installation is open to the elements and passers-by respond to what they see, and that is how you really connect to the place. It allows you to see the country in a different way: not as a tourist, but as part of a whole.”

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