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L’Escala, a small fishing port on the

Costa Brava, in the north-eastern part of Spain.


L’Escala literally means ‘sanctuary’ and that is exactly what it is: in the past, it provided a safe haven for fishermen fleeing from the Tramuntana wind storms that regularly race across the Mediterranean.  Now it is a popular, lively holiday destination that has nonetheless managed to keep plenty of its authentic charm.



l'escala -


“After that we all sit down at the table: indoors, outside on the patio or at the foot of the tower... We even eat ‘in the wild’, on the large shrub covered hill.


Our house is right at its foot. The land- scape around us is one of the beautiful areas in the wonderfully varied Catalan countryside nearby and provides a beautiful setting.”

shoe designer & artist

Charles & Jet Bergmans

The Bergmans family’s holiday home is

a twenty-minute walk from the town

centre on the way to Albons, at the foot of a large shrub-covered hill.

The hilly landscape surrounding their

land is one of many beautiful places in the varied Catalan countryside nearby.

Charles and Jet took over Casa Lucia around 1990. “We soon discovered how

wonderful it is to have a place like that to escape to. Some years later, we even

bought the property next door and its hexagonal tower.


Torre Azul (‘blue tower’) was built much later than Casa Lucia, and is smaller and more intimate. We use it as a workshop and studio – it offers wonderful views of the Pyrenees on one side and the Mediterranean on the other.

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