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Masaki & Hiroko Mizutani

saku island -


Saku Island (also known as Sakushima), a small island off the coast of the city Nagoya, in the Japanese Aichi prefecture. The island (with a population

of less than 300) has a circumference of 11.5 kilometres but its most distant points are just 2 kilometres apart.

“One of our friends is an artist who had worked on a project on Saku Island. She told us about the island and the small authentic living-room restaurant Maaki

that she had visited. The restaurant is run by a Japanese couple, Masaki and Hiroko Mizutani. Dining there had been a wonderful experience, she said. Our friend Marlein Overakker, a food stylist and chef, had set her heart on going there, so of course we went along. It’s

such a unique place; you can’t begin to imagine what it’s like until you’ve actually been there.”

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